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July 2015

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Companies I love: Everlane

July 25, 2015

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Ugh. I’m such a millennial. I can’t help myself. I feel like Everlane just gets me with their whole radical-transparency-great-basics-online-only approach to fashion.

Their t-shirts are THE BEST, I love the cashmere and I have a friend who ordered the Petra bag and loves it. My only beef? Their sizes are limited. Why only sizes up to a large, Everlane? Not everyone is as rail-thin as the models you feature in your product shots.

If you happen to fall within their sizing, though, I highly recommend. You can’t beat the prices and the quality is superb.

If you decide to buy something, consider signing up with this link. I will get a $25 dollar referral credit, which is like 2 t-shirts. Cha-ching!

fashion, Style

Style crush: the little magpie

July 20, 2015

the little magpie

Have you ever read The Little Magpie blog? If not, RUN, don’t walk over to her site. Just make sure you give yourself ample time to read a few months back in the archives.

I don’t pretend to know anything about fashion, but I adore reading fashion blogs. There’s something voyeuristic about seeing how those with a fashion knack can pull together the most chic outfit, even from clothes off the rack at H&M.  Anyway, The Little Magpie is probably my favorite fashion blogger in the pack. My ‘edgy fashion inspiration‘ board on Pinterest is basically an homage to her blog. It’s kinda creepy, actually. You see, I aspire to pull off that European, all black everything, totally tailored, edgy, polished look. I get there about 10% of the time, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

What I’m trying to say is that I want to be a 29-year-old, American version of the Little Magpie. While I keep dreaming, be sure to click over to her site and see what I’m talking about.

I love this outfit, this outfit and this outfit. Oh yeah, and this one, too!


Take me away

July 19, 2015


The most common question I would get from people when I told them I lived in Africa was always ‘what’s the wildlife like there?’ Unfortunately, I couldn’t amaze them with tales of lions and giraffes and safaris because I was living in The Gambia, in West Africa. Not all of Africa is a a safari. In fact, safari-esque wildlife is really best in the Southern and Eastern regions of the continent.

At best, I could tell them stories of monkeys and angry hippos. It was something, but it was disappointing for sure.

When I saw Miss Moss’ post about her African road trip, I caught my breath. To say her photos were beautiful is the understatement of the year. Her post inspired me with a healthy dose of wanderlust and a pretty severe twinge of nostalgia. Even days later, I can’t stop thinking about it. Her Africa experience was certainly different than my own, but a deep enchantment ran through both journeys. I am grateful for my time living in Africa. I miss it and the fearless person I was back then dearly.

Photo credit Miss Moss.