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Poor, beautiful Amy

April 30, 2016

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I finally watched the Amy Winehouse documentary tonight and it was just so gutting. I keep thinking about her, her artistry, her love for music and her demons. I wasn’t very familiar with her while she was uber popular and I just vaguely remember the media tearing her apart because of her addictions, but watching the movie made me ponder on how truly terrible fame can be, especially for a sensitive soul like hers. I know a documentary can paint a biased picture, but it seemed obvious that she had a kind heart and wasn’t playing the game for fame. She just wanted to make amazing music, but her past and her relationships and her addictions literally broke her down.

After the past couple of weeks, when we lost yet another music legend too soon, it makes me wonder how much longer we can manufacture this machine that chews people up and churns them out for our entertainment. It just feels so wrong to me. I wish Amy and Prince and Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and, and, and didn’t go out like they did. They deserved to share their art for a much longer time and we all pay the consequence of losing them too soon.

I know this post is a lot of rambling, but suffice it to say that I heartily recommend that you give Amy a watch. A truly beautiful tribute and a very sad story.