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October 2016

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Recipes I’ve tried and really liked: Smitten Kitchen Pumpkin Bread

October 17, 2016


Here’s a question: did Fall really happen if you didn’t make a homemade Pumpkin Bread? The basic women among us, myself included, would argue with a resounding no.

Smitten Kitchen’s Pumpkin Bread is the bee’s knees. It’s everything I want in a Pumpkin Bread. It’s fluffy, flavorful, not-too-sweet Pumpkin goodness. I feel like I’ve been searching for it for years. The best part? This recipe uses a full can of Pumpkin, so you don’t need to worry waste or finding a way to use a random half-cup of pumpkin. My two cents: make sure to use butter instead of oil. I think it makes all the difference.

Get your bake on, friends! Let me know if you try it.

PS – I made a Pumpkin Bread on this site a couple of years ago, but it was just too oily. Definitely go with the Smitten Kitchen recipe instead.

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Black one piece, where art thou?

October 15, 2016

So, I’m heading to Cabo in 14 days. 14 days! I can’t wait for lots of sunshine, pool time and tecate. My soul needs a break from the grind.

I used to be the type to have a full wardrobe for vacation, collecting sundresses and shorts and tanks for weeks before. Not anymore. I realized that I spend 95% of the time in a swimsuit by the pool while on a tropical vacation, so all I really need is a killer, comfortable swimsuit and a couple of outfits left over from the summer. Easy peasy.

I have a cute navy one-piece that I have worn the crap out of for the past few years. I still love it, but I want to add another suit to the rotation. Specifically, I want a plunge black one-piece. I’ve combed the internet this morning for a few options. Here’s my consideration list:


First up, we have this crocheted lace-up number by Billabong via the Nordstrom website. It’s a bit more conservative, but still fresh with the detailing. It’s a bit pricey for me at $79.95, so I feel concerned as to whether or not the crochet can withstand the test of time.


Next up, we have this little ditty from Target for $39.95. I like the cut of it, but I haven’t always been in love with the quality and fit of Target swimwear. Is it worth the risk? I need to be comfortable at the swim-up bar, people!


Last is this uber-plungey cutey from ASOS for a steal-of-a-deal at $30 bones.  I like the cut of this one the most. I want to be a siren by the pool in my black one-piece. I’ve never ordered swimwear from Asos, so I’m in uncharted territory going down this road, but I think I’m going to take the risk with this bad boy. The good news is that it will be here in a couple of days and I can reassess if it’s not all I’m hoping it will be. Wish me luck!

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Just a little more Jax…

October 15, 2016

Sorry for my radio silence this week, guys. I’ve been a bit consumed with bringing Jax into the family. My friend came over one night this week and captured the little guy with her great camera and photography skills. I need to post here for posterity and for anyone who loves puppies as much as I do. The next post will be back to our regularly scheduled (random) programming…

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Isn’t he just so cute you want to squeeze him!?

daily diary

Welcome to the family, Mr. Jax

October 9, 2016

There’s someone special I’d like you to meet….


This is Mr. Jax Williams. He’s a seven-week-old bundle of joy. He already makes me immeasurably happy and I can’t imagine my little family without him. He’s just the sweetest thing. I’d been trying to convince Keith to get another dog for years and he finally broke with Mr. Jax. I don’t blame him.

I’m well on my way to my dream of being a dog lady with my own little kingdom of dogs. #goals

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I’ve got my eye on you…

October 5, 2016


With the weather changing, I’m making my rounds on my favorite sites on the internet to see what I can see, see, see. I keep thinking about this dress for winter. I think it would look killer with some black tights and chic boots. I love the knot detail. It takes it up a notch in my mind.

What’s on your mind for winter this year?

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Jumping in

October 5, 2016


I loved the profile on Marina Khorosh and her site, Dbag Dating, today on Garance Dore.  Since I’ve rededicated myself to this little slice of the internet I call mine, I keep seeing signs that I should keep up the work. This article is a prime example. Here are a couple of my favorite snippets:

‘People always ask me: Do you think it’s still time to open a blog today? And I always respond yes, yes it’s time, however you do it. Because you never know what can happen when you give yourself a channel to express yourself.’


‘For days, I was plagued by doubt – was I really going to go against everything Russian literature had taught me about being a woman of mystery, and start airing my dirty laundry in front of my 1500+ Facebook friends? What if my dad decided to read it? What if my employer found out?’

and, lastly…

‘And yet, I would be lying if I told you that writing hasn’t changed my life in every way.’

Sharing in this forum feels supremely natural to me. I love the joy it brings my life. I think I live more fully when I have to be clued in to the world around me enough to write about it. I was talking with my boyfriend Keith about it tonight and he said that it will always be worth it to be vulnerable enough to create. It’s scary, but it’s so worth it.

What’s your biggest dream in life? As silly as it sounds, being a blogger is mine and has been for at least the last seven years.

PS – we are thinking about getting a puppy! Will update tomorrow if we decide to do it. Who are we!?

damn delicious, recipes I've tried and liked

Recipes I’ve tried and really liked: Joy the Baker One-pot French Onion Pasta

October 3, 2016


Can I just be honest for a second? I need a second-opinion when it comes to food blogger recipes. I want someone I know and trust to say, ‘I made this recipe a bunch of times and, believe me, it’s totally worth the effort.’

It’s so disappointing when you make a recipe and it’s just not as delicious as you’d hoped. It happened to me just last week with a Thai Red Curry recipe. It wasn’t really edible even though the pictures of the recipe online looked like a million bucks.

So, this series is a compilation of the recipes I’ve tried and liked online. They’re worthy of the weekly rotation because they combine deliciousness with ease of operation. First up we have Joy the Baker’s One-pot French Onion Pasta. I mean, is there anything more delicious than caramelized onions mixed with spaghetti noodles and topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese? I don’t think so! I skip the argula, though. I just don’t like the spicy green, but I’m sure it’s delicious if you’re into that sort of thing.

Let me know if you try it!

editor letter

Editor’s Letter, #2

October 2, 2016


These days, I’m thinking a lot about vegetarianism. I’ve flirted with it in the past. For me, it’s all about the animals. I can’t help but thinking that it’s not necessary for them to die just so I can eat. Added to that, the popular instagram page has introduced me to the horrors of factory farming. Don’t google it if you don’t want to see it. You just can’t unsee it. It’s truly horrific, at least for me.

On the other hand, I believe in intuitive eating. Through therapy, I’m working hard every day to strip away my rules with eating and just listen to my body and give it what it craves without shame. Sometimes my body craves meat.

It’s a bit of a rock and a hard place, really. Ethically, I believe in vegetarianism. Personally, I don’t want to establish another set of food laws when I’m working so hard to undo years and years of shame around my food choices. The path forward for me, at least right now, is to tell myself and others that I’m exploring vegetarianism. It’s all exploration. It’s not based on rules and regulations. Every time I get hungry, I try to check in with myself. I ask myself what my body is craving. I wonder if meat is on the agenda. Sometimes it is. Yesterday, for example, I had a chicken wing and some bacon in a wedge salad. Today, meat hasn’t been on the agenda yet. It’s all an ebb and flow.

It’s so easy to get caught up, thinking that life is so black and white. The reality is that most of life exists in the grey areas, a delicate balance between competing ideals. For me right now, the personal choice of vegetarianism has a lot of shades of gray. I’m trying to be comfortable with that, knowing that I probably eat with my vegetarian ethics about 75-80% of the time and it feels completely intuitive. I love food so much that it’s not hard for me to find satisfaction without meat, especially if I’m the one cooking. For the other 25% of the time, I trust myself to eat what my body is currently craving, even if that involves meat.

I’m finding that things don’t need to be as fraught as we make them out to be most of the time. We just need to do the best we can with what we have.

-Meeshy D

I took a lot of inspiration from this post on intuitive eating + vegetarianism. It’s well worth the read.

Image via designlovefest


The art of possibility

October 1, 2016


I am in a phase of my life where all I want to read is self-improvement books. I devour them these days. It’s gotten so bad that I noticed a self-improvement book on the desk of a work colleague who was on vacation last week and I nabbed it to read, very carefully, while he was away. I thought I could blitz through it and replace it on his desk with him being none-the-wiser when he returned from his trip.

Of course, I didn’t know I was going to read one of the books that will likely inform the direction of the rest of my life. I was immediately entranced with The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. I snuck the first few pages from my desk that morning. Then, I couldn’t help myself from closing my office door and reading a few more. Next, I took myself to lunch and found myself accidentally splattering the pages with salsa because I just had to keep reading while I ate. I’d finished it by the next evening and I had to order a new copy of the book for my colleague because there was no way I was going to return the one I’d ruined.

I can’t begin to describe how good it is. You MUST read it for yourself. Please do and let me know what you think.

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Documentary Saturday

October 1, 2016


Holy crap. I spent this Saturday afternoon chowing down on vegetarian pizza and watching some pretty amazing documentaries. Serena was completely inspiring. As someone who doesn’t follow tennis, I wasn’t fully aware of Serena and her talent. Of course, I knew her as a phenomenal player, but I didn’t realize how completely she has changed the game. She is such an inspiration and the documentary follows her through her 2015 season where she attempts a history-making run to win her 22nd career grand slam.

I also watched Nas: Time is Illmatic, which was an absolute pleasure. I saw him speak a few years ago at a conference and I am, of course, a big fan of his music. I loved learning more about his childhood, his family and the life experiences that served as the backdrop to his music. A very well-done documentary.

Last night, we watched Food, Inc. We’re on a winning documentary streak. I can’t stop thinking about this film. The way we handle social services in our country is just such an embarrassment.  We should do better.

I highly recommend all three of these docs. If you have Amazon Prime, they’re free. Prime for the win.

Let me know if you watch them or if you have any other recommendations.