30 in 30

February 21, 2016


Have you heard of this trend of doing a ’30 in 30′? If not, it’s basically a pact you make with yourself to do 30 fun things to commemorate your thirtieth year. Pretty obvious, right? I know enough about myself to know that I’m not the best at following through on challenges like that, especially with such a short timeline, but I decided to make a list anyway just for kicks. I figure, even if I don’t do any of it, the exercise itself is fun enough, right?

  1. Go camping in Big Sur
  2. Figure out how to do a capsule wardrobe
  3. Follow through on therapy and my commitment to Intuitive Eating
  4. Attend my niece’s graduation
  5. Go camping in Tahoe
  6. Go to Vegas, baby!
  7.  Accumulate no new debt
  8. Attend my favorite hip-hop dance class on a somewhat regular basis
  9. Set up a creatively inspiring office environment
  10. Read thirty books
  11. Go to Cabo
  12. Reconnect with one old friend
  13. Surprise my mom
  14. Get another tattoo
  15. Make a new friend
  16. Go on an epic thrifting adventure
  17. Host at least one bad ass summer barbeque
  18. Learn how to roller blade
  19. Find my perfect shade of lipstick for day
  20. Build a wall of plants in my living room
  21. Call my best friend at least once a week
  22. Get promoted
  23. Get a proper massage
  24. Take my dog to the beach
  25. Spend a day on a boat
  26. Make a homemade German chocolate cake
  27. Go to a hip-hop concert
  28. Write a letter
  29. Teach my dog how to roll over
  30. Go somewhere fun with my sister

Did I miss something fun? If you did this, what would be your must-have on your list?

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