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Crushing on: Universal Standard

May 15, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, Cup of Jo featured Ashley Ford on their ‘Week of Outfits‘ post and I just fell in love. Ashley seems like an all-around cool, smart, inspired woman and it was great to find her through Cup of Jo.

Her outfits were bomb and she introduced me to Universal Standard, which is a new-to-me website of well-made basics for ladies in the 10+ size range. They have a starter kit of coordinated basics that I’m currently saving up for right now. Just wanted to share because it seems legit, even if it’s a little more than I care to spend for clothes. If they’re well-made, I think it’s worth it. Have you tried them? How did you find their clothes? I’ll be sure to let you know if I pull the trigger on the start kit!

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GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All

January 12, 2017


Yesterday’s olive post reminded me of the goodness that is Gabi’s latest line with Swimsuits For All.The new line from Gabi launched alongside a campaign titled ‘New Year, Same You‘, which I thought was a refreshing pause for the beginning of the year. I felt annoyed with the New Year’s Resolutions I read around the web this January. So many of us are resolving to change ourselves into fitter, thinner, healthier versions of ourselves. I’m all for self-improvement, but I think that ‘health’ resolutions are often couched in a social pressure to be thin and perfect in every way, which isn’t helpful in building a strong sense of self-worth independent of cultural beauty pressures and ideals. It’s the first of the year, yes, but we are still the same people we were on December 31st, and I think that’s okay.  It takes me back to when I was younger and resolved to be skinny and the self-hatred I felt back then. It wasn’t healthy and I love that someone is taking a stand against the absurdity of it all.

Anyway, back to the swimsuits. I really love the line. Gabi famously championed the ‘fatkini’, which led to the opportunity for her to make killer, sexy swimwear for plus-sized ladies in partnership with Swimsuits for all. I think this is her third or fourth collection, and it is absolutely beautiful.

See below:





Hurrah for accessible design for women of all sizes! Check out the full collection here.

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Olive, I love you

January 11, 2017

I went shopping this weekend and nearly everything I snagged was all things olive. Olive leather boots, olive sweater. I already have an awesome olive anorak jacket that is dangerously close to becoming a second skin for me because I wear it so much and I also have my eye on an olive bomber jacket. I thought you all might be on the same olive tip as me, so I gathered some inspiration images for us from the web to ogle at this AM.


First up is my style queen, Gabi Gregg with absolute olive perfection. I love the tee, the ripped jeans, the perfect jacket and the strappy shoes. Bow down!


Next is this uber simple tee, black jeans, booties combo. I think I need to add an olive tee to the list. I can’t find the original image source for this one, but please share if you can find it.


Last, we have a gorgeous olive trench. I’m in love with these long line, open-faced jackets. So damn cute!

Are you on the olive train? What’s your fav way to wear it?

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December 8, 2016


I’m feeling a bit – old – these days. You see, I only learned about Nike Huaruche’s through Keith’s son’s Christmas list. He asked for them in black on black. As I shopped around online for the best deal for him, I kept wanting to nab a pair for myself. They’re just so cute! They look incredibly comfortable and I just love their old school vibe.

I keep debating whether or not he will be mortified if he shows up for Christmas and I have a pair on myself. I’m pretty sure he would be and, for some reason, that makes me feel old. Not quite old enough that I won’t follow-through and buy myself a pair, but I’ve decided to wait until the new year to pull the trigger so that he has his moment to shine with his new shoes.


Of course, I’m also smitten with the Fenty – Puma X Rihanna Creepers with the suede top and tan sole. I can’t link to them because they are still out of stock, but I do love them and will buy myself a pair as soon as I find them. They also feel retro, reminding me of the platform sneakers I wore when I was in eighth grade or so, but so much cooler. Side note: why is everything Rihanna does pure gold? How can that much cool be wrapped up in one person?

Lastly, I will always love my shell-toe Adidas. I need a new pair of these bad boys as the pair I currently have is totally worn out and greasy.

I’m happy the fashion world is finally embracing the sneaker for the ladies. Even though I love a good heel, it boggles my mind that we have so willingly accepted a beauty standard that basically handicaps us. It is the best feeling of the world to kick around in sneakers that are so comfortable. I hope this trend never goes out of style.

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Backpack for my birthday

November 23, 2016


I celebrate my birthday in a couple of weeks. 31. Thankfully, this birthday doesn’t have any angst with it for me. Turning 30 really threw me for a loop. I went full hog on my freak-out, with a lot of soul searching and sleeplessness. It wasn’t that I was sad to be getting older, it was that the years were ticking by too quickly and I didn’t feel like I was on the right path. It was a good time for reflection, but it wasn’t fun.

I made some changes in my life with how I spend my time and I determined to pursue what matters to me. After doing so, I feel much better. I feel more confident in who I am. I have a clear picture of what I’m working toward and I just feel an immense amount of gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.

Even though it’s more of a quiet birthday for me, turning 31 still calls for a ‘treat yourself‘ moment, right? I believe so! I have been pondering what I’d like to purchase as a gift to myself this year and I think I’ve settled on a backpack. I don’t think I’ve thought so seriously about a backpack since eighth grade, but I’m all in with this trend. Schlepping around a laptop and all my other junk everyday is getting old. I know it’s doing a number on my back. I borrowed Keith’s backpack while we were in Cabo and I fell in love with the free feeling I had while walking around. My shoulder didn’t hurt and I felt so balanced.

Thankfully, backpacks are having a moment right now. It’s easy to find a chic option out there that doesn’t make me feel like I’m revisiting my first day of eighth grade. My love for Everlane is well-documented on this site (though I still wish they’d be more inclusive with their sizing), so I’ve settled on either the Modern Commuter Backpack or the Dipped Mini Backpack. Both in black.

Which would you choose? Are you down with the backpack trend or would you never be caught dead in one?

Image via everlane

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My perfect lipstick for day

November 7, 2016

Why is it so hard to find a lipstick that just works for daytime? I feel like almost every woman I know is on a quest for that perfect shade. First and foremost, it has to feel great. It can’t cake or dry or be too glossy. It also has to be a hue that works for your coloring, that isn’t too out there for work, that fits your personal style and still feels present enough on your face to be recognizable. It’s no easy task.

I searched and searched for my perfect shade. I even wrote about it in my 30 in 30 list. I was a woman on a mission. I looked at Sephora, at the drugstore, online and at beauty counters in the mall. A few months ago, I was in Macy’s in San Francisco, sneaking in a shopping trip after some work meetings. I meandered over to the Chanel counter and asked for a shade recommendation. I knew I wanted something in the red family and I told her my list of needs.

She recommended Chanel Rouge Coco – 446 Etienne and I fell in love. I knew it ticked all of my boxes, so I forked over a sickeningly expensive $37 dollars for it right away. Nearly six months later, it’s still going strong after at least two applications per day. It feels as comfortable as chapstick, but looks so much better. I love the way it works with my skin color and I just feel like it’s worth every single penny. I shared it with my mom, who is the queen of the lipstick search, and she almost died at the price. I know it’s ridiculous, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right?

A photo of the lipstick in action:


Do you have a lipstick you love? Dish it out in the comments!

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Black one piece, where art thou?

October 15, 2016

So, I’m heading to Cabo in 14 days. 14 days! I can’t wait for lots of sunshine, pool time and tecate. My soul needs a break from the grind.

I used to be the type to have a full wardrobe for vacation, collecting sundresses and shorts and tanks for weeks before. Not anymore. I realized that I spend 95% of the time in a swimsuit by the pool while on a tropical vacation, so all I really need is a killer, comfortable swimsuit and a couple of outfits left over from the summer. Easy peasy.

I have a cute navy one-piece that I have worn the crap out of for the past few years. I still love it, but I want to add another suit to the rotation. Specifically, I want a plunge black one-piece. I’ve combed the internet this morning for a few options. Here’s my consideration list:


First up, we have this crocheted lace-up number by Billabong via the Nordstrom website. It’s a bit more conservative, but still fresh with the detailing. It’s a bit pricey for me at $79.95, so I feel concerned as to whether or not the crochet can withstand the test of time.


Next up, we have this little ditty from Target for $39.95. I like the cut of it, but I haven’t always been in love with the quality and fit of Target swimwear. Is it worth the risk? I need to be comfortable at the swim-up bar, people!


Last is this uber-plungey cutey from ASOS for a steal-of-a-deal at $30 bones.  I like the cut of this one the most. I want to be a siren by the pool in my black one-piece. I’ve never ordered swimwear from Asos, so I’m in uncharted territory going down this road, but I think I’m going to take the risk with this bad boy. The good news is that it will be here in a couple of days and I can reassess if it’s not all I’m hoping it will be. Wish me luck!

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I’ve got my eye on you…

October 5, 2016


With the weather changing, I’m making my rounds on my favorite sites on the internet to see what I can see, see, see. I keep thinking about this dress for winter. I think it would look killer with some black tights and chic boots. I love the knot detail. It takes it up a notch in my mind.

What’s on your mind for winter this year?

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My favorite winter fashion trends

February 16, 2016

It feels like fashion is really killing it this winter. I keep coming across a few trends that I just can’t get enough of. We’re having Spring-like weather here in California lately so I’m not sure if I’ll bite the bullet and buy any of these winter fashion trends this season, but if it’s still blisteringly cold where you are, you definitely should.

turtle neck and skinnies

First up is a throw-back from my adolescence in the late 90s – the turtleneck! I just love the look of a ribbed, fitted turtleneck (in black, of course!) and a nice skinny jean. Even though it’s a bit old school, it just feels so fresh and feminine to me. Jess (via heygorjess) does the damn thing perfectly.

cupcakes and cashmere cape jacket

Next is the oh-so-chic cape, demonstrated by Emily (via Cupcakes and Cashmere). I love how this updated cape feels more blazer and less blanket. I just want to buy a lovely navy number and walk into all of my work meetings like a caped-up boss.

tall boots

Last, we have a not work-appropriate thigh-high boot (via The Little Magpie), at least not where I work. I never though I’d be one to lust after a pair of thigh-highs, but I truly am smitten. They look edgy and a bit sexy and I want them bad. I’m just not sure where I’d actually wear them since most of a my non-work wear typically consists of a pair of comfortable jeans and shell toe Adidas these days. If I were more a ‘go out’ type of gal lately, I’m pretty sure I’d already be sporting my own thigh highs.

There you have three of my favorite winter trends. Pretend you had a free pass for retail therapy – which one of these would you choose?

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Slay, queen

February 6, 2016

nadia 1

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about Nadia Aboulhosn yet. She’s one of the few bloggers who I look forward to reading every time she posts, which isn’t nearly enough for my liking. I love the looks she puts together and I love how drop-dead gorgeous she is. I also love how confident she is in herself. Sometimes when I’m having a bit of a personal crisis moment and feel like I couldn’t possibly pull off a fashion choice/meeting/presentation/whatever, I’ll just close my eyes for a second a pretend that I have the confidence of someone like Nadia. Surprisingly, it works.

nadia 2

If I think about it too hard, I get angry that coming across a woman so unapologetically fierce still feels a bit shocking to me. I get so tired of the narrow definition of beauty that we just keep holding onto – one of meekness and wispyness. I wish that all women (myself included) inhabited their bodies and souls with the confidence that Nadia displays. Until then, Nadia, continue to slay, queen.

nadia 4 nadia 3

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