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Basket, baby

December 19, 2016


I’m totally into the trend of hanging baskets on the wall. As someone who loves collecting receptacles of all sorts, baskets play into my strengths. I’m always buying bowls, baskets, bottles and trays. It’s a compulsion of sorts. I never feel like I have enough beautiful holders of things, even all of the surfaces in my home are covered with them. Now, I’ve found a new use for my baskets: the walls.

I love the modern bohemian vibe that baskets on the walls can add to any space. They are so intricate and unique. They look gorgeous spaced out on the wall or all jumbled together. My mom and I are currently on a basket collecting spree for the new house. She texts me pictures all time from thrift stores with new baskets to add to the collection. It’s going to be sick when it finally comes together. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes occupied with these beautiful images of baskets from around the web.



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The most beautiful house tour

December 14, 2016


I am absolutely captivated by this house tour that Design Sponge shared this week. Why do I love it so much? Let me count the ways:

First, I am in love with any house that has multiple dogs. I am a dog lover through and through, so the photo of the owner curled up on the couch with his dogs melted my heart. It was such a sweet vignette. As I type this post, my two dogs are snuggled on the couch with me. There is no better feeling. I want five more dogs, but I don’t think Keith will let me.


Second, I adore this photo of a south-facing window full of plants. I aspire to this level of plantdom in my own home. It’s beautiful and serene and so organic. I am having to hold myself back from rushing out to buy more plants as we speak. I am of the mind that one can never have too many.

Third, there is so much romance to the lifestyle they are living with their urban farm and victorian home renovation. Surely, it is not as glamorous as it seems. The renovation they did was probably a nightmare and I’m sure they get tired of tending to the garden, but they make it seem so beautiful and so worthwhile. My mom, who has taken up gardening in her retirement, tells me that she has never felt as fulfilled as when she saw vegetables growing (and growing!) from a single seed she planted. This post made me question how I’m living my life a bit, leaving me wanting to slow down and savor everything more.

Fourth, one half of the couple is a partner in a flower business, Chicory Florals, and their work is stunning. How awesome would it be to spend your days arranging flowers to the delight of brides everywhere? I couldn’t imagine anything more worthwhile.

Finally, their design essence is so spot on for me. They did a wonderful job of highlighting the bones of their home, but making it feel modern, cozy and fresh. I love their use of color, especially on the walls. They have that ‘it’ factor that is so captivating.

As always, thanks to Design Sponge for sharing and Neal Santos and Andrew Olsen for inviting the internet into their personal space. It was such a delight.


Finding Home

November 28, 2016


It’s no secret that I have a bit of a thing for interiors on this blog. In fact, I spend a ridiculous amount of time online searching out home tours and just ‘oohing and aaaahing’ over the beautiful, unique things people choose to do with their homes. I love it.

Lately, we’ve been thinking that it’s almost time for us to start the search for a home to call our own. We’ve been renting for years and years (more than 12 for me at this point) and it just – finally – feels like the right time to start working on building something together where we both have skin in the game. We were tempted this weekend by a brand new home that we fell in love with, but now that I’ve had a bit of distance, I think we need to go older, smaller and more affordable with this first foray into home ownership.

As we think of purchasing, I am even more into interiors than ever. It’s so fun to think of how we will pull together our first home. I’m constantly inspired by the web and this home tour on Design Sponge really captured my heart. It’s so close to my personal style these days that each new photo was a fun little discovery. Please head over and check it out. If you want to lose a few hours, click through the home tour archives. It’s a true gem.

Photo via Design Sponge.

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Do what you can

November 21, 2016


I read Garance Dore’s profile of Lauren Singer and her no-waste lifestyle a few weeks ago, but I can’t get it out of my mind. I think about it when I go to the grocery store, when I use a ridiculous amount of paper towels every day and when I flip the switch for electric heat at home now that the mornings have a chill in the air.

Truth is, I do so very little to reduce my environmental impact and I’ve carried that guilt around with me for a while now. It’s inspiring to see this young person saying no to the guilt and just going after what sustainability means to her. I think it’s time that I do the same. I’m going to take her advice and just get started with it. Every little bit counts, right?

A few of my favorite quotes from the article:

“When I looked at myself four years ago, I realized that while I cared about the environment, I wasn’t doing anything at all that aligned with that except talking about it. So the exercise of making adjustments to my everyday life was so fulfilling because I realized I was living in a way that was exactly what I believed in.”


“If you look at the things that constitute zero waste, like using wash clothes instead of paper towel, saying no to plastic straws, neither of those things are hard, and once you incorporate those into your routine, it has a really positive impact”

and, finally:

“To myself, I think I’m just so much more self-aware now. I used to blame everyone else for the state of the world – politicians, and government and business, and it wasn’t until I stopped and looked at myself that I realized I had power to make a positive or negative impact, and I realized I was making a negative one. That helped me look at myself and really do things to change how I was living.”

Kudos to Lauren for the voice she’s giving the zero-waste movement and for the company she’s leading that aligns with her values, Simply Co.

Photo from


Peacock chair of my life

November 9, 2016


In her retirement, my mom finally has the chance to be a full-time vintage enthusiast. She hits up every local thrift shop, estate sale and garage sale on the weekends looking for treasures, which she refurbishes and puts in a booth for tourists passing through town. She has a great eye for design and has just come to life pursuing her new business, which is really an excuse for her to constantly update her home with the treasures that haven’t quite made it across town to the booth quite yet.

Because she’s down in the trenches of estate sales and the like right now, I have a little wish list with her. She keeps her eye out for vintage items that I’d love for my own home and texts me if she finds something she thinks I’d like. Luckily, we don’t have the same interiors style, so there’s no competition for items. That’s how I have a pair of vintage Lane coffee and side tables waiting for me right now at her house. Last time I saw her, I mentioned that I was interested in a peacock chair if she ever came across one. Her response: ‘oh, I saw one of those last week for $25’.


How did I miss the peacock chair of my life? Now I keep pining (and pinning) for a peacock chair. They’re just so pretty and give such a bohemian vibe to any room.




Do you like them? Which one is your favorite?

Images via: Old Brand New, Amber Interiors, The Glitter Guide and Design Sponge.



I’m stuck on this house

October 1, 2016


A few days ago, I came across a post on Miss Moss for this house tour and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I just love everything about it, from the bohemian vibe to the plants tucked into every cranny. My favorite part, though, was learning that the house is a rental. Sometimes I get it stuck in my head that I can’t design my dream home because I’m renting. This post put those thoughts to shame. It’s a good reminder to fully embrace wherever you call home and make it as beautiful as you possibly can.