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Crushing on: Universal Standard

May 15, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, Cup of Jo featured Ashley Ford on their ‘Week of Outfits‘ post and I just fell in love. Ashley seems like an all-around cool, smart, inspired woman and it was great to find her through Cup of Jo.

Her outfits were bomb and she introduced me to Universal Standard, which is a new-to-me website of well-made basics for ladies in the 10+ size range. They have a starter kit of coordinated basics that I’m currently saving up for right now. Just wanted to share because it seems legit, even if it’s a little more than I care to spend for clothes. If they’re well-made, I think it’s worth it. Have you tried them? How did you find their clothes? I’ll be sure to let you know if I pull the trigger on the start kit!

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GabiFresh x Swimsuits For All

January 12, 2017


Yesterday’s olive post reminded me of the goodness that is Gabi’s latest line with Swimsuits For All.The new line from Gabi launched alongside a campaign titled ‘New Year, Same You‘, which I thought was a refreshing pause for the beginning of the year. I felt annoyed with the New Year’s Resolutions I read around the web this January. So many of us are resolving to change ourselves into fitter, thinner, healthier versions of ourselves. I’m all for self-improvement, but I think that ‘health’ resolutions are often couched in a social pressure to be thin and perfect in every way, which isn’t helpful in building a strong sense of self-worth independent of cultural beauty pressures and ideals. It’s the first of the year, yes, but we are still the same people we were on December 31st, and I think that’s okay.  It takes me back to when I was younger and resolved to be skinny and the self-hatred I felt back then. It wasn’t healthy and I love that someone is taking a stand against the absurdity of it all.

Anyway, back to the swimsuits. I really love the line. Gabi famously championed the ‘fatkini’, which led to the opportunity for her to make killer, sexy swimwear for plus-sized ladies in partnership with Swimsuits for all. I think this is her third or fourth collection, and it is absolutely beautiful.

See below:





Hurrah for accessible design for women of all sizes! Check out the full collection here.

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Olive, I love you

January 11, 2017

I went shopping this weekend and nearly everything I snagged was all things olive. Olive leather boots, olive sweater. I already have an awesome olive anorak jacket that is dangerously close to becoming a second skin for me because I wear it so much and I also have my eye on an olive bomber jacket. I thought you all might be on the same olive tip as me, so I gathered some inspiration images for us from the web to ogle at this AM.


First up is my style queen, Gabi Gregg with absolute olive perfection. I love the tee, the ripped jeans, the perfect jacket and the strappy shoes. Bow down!


Next is this uber simple tee, black jeans, booties combo. I think I need to add an olive tee to the list. I can’t find the original image source for this one, but please share if you can find it.


Last, we have a gorgeous olive trench. I’m in love with these long line, open-faced jackets. So damn cute!

Are you on the olive train? What’s your fav way to wear it?

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It’s a 10 Product – Love!

January 3, 2017


My hairstylist introduced me to It’s a 10 product a while back and I just love it. As a person with thin, highlighted, longer hair, I deal with bad tangles all the time, especially in the winter when all of the shirts with collars come out. This stuff really does all of the ten things it promises and it smells awesome to boot. It lasts and lasts. I just ordered another bottle, which will probably last me about six months with everyday application.

With everyone posting today about their lofty new year’s resolutions, I thought we’d all be happy with an easy product post. :)

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Basket, baby

December 19, 2016


I’m totally into the trend of hanging baskets on the wall. As someone who loves collecting receptacles of all sorts, baskets play into my strengths. I’m always buying bowls, baskets, bottles and trays. It’s a compulsion of sorts. I never feel like I have enough beautiful holders of things, even all of the surfaces in my home are covered with them. Now, I’ve found a new use for my baskets: the walls.

I love the modern bohemian vibe that baskets on the walls can add to any space. They are so intricate and unique. They look gorgeous spaced out on the wall or all jumbled together. My mom and I are currently on a basket collecting spree for the new house. She texts me pictures all time from thrift stores with new baskets to add to the collection. It’s going to be sick when it finally comes together. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes occupied with these beautiful images of baskets from around the web.



Sources: 1, 2, 3

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The most beautiful house tour

December 14, 2016


I am absolutely captivated by this house tour that Design Sponge shared this week. Why do I love it so much? Let me count the ways:

First, I am in love with any house that has multiple dogs. I am a dog lover through and through, so the photo of the owner curled up on the couch with his dogs melted my heart. It was such a sweet vignette. As I type this post, my two dogs are snuggled on the couch with me. There is no better feeling. I want five more dogs, but I don’t think Keith will let me.


Second, I adore this photo of a south-facing window full of plants. I aspire to this level of plantdom in my own home. It’s beautiful and serene and so organic. I am having to hold myself back from rushing out to buy more plants as we speak. I am of the mind that one can never have too many.

Third, there is so much romance to the lifestyle they are living with their urban farm and victorian home renovation. Surely, it is not as glamorous as it seems. The renovation they did was probably a nightmare and I’m sure they get tired of tending to the garden, but they make it seem so beautiful and so worthwhile. My mom, who has taken up gardening in her retirement, tells me that she has never felt as fulfilled as when she saw vegetables growing (and growing!) from a single seed she planted. This post made me question how I’m living my life a bit, leaving me wanting to slow down and savor everything more.

Fourth, one half of the couple is a partner in a flower business, Chicory Florals, and their work is stunning. How awesome would it be to spend your days arranging flowers to the delight of brides everywhere? I couldn’t imagine anything more worthwhile.

Finally, their design essence is so spot on for me. They did a wonderful job of highlighting the bones of their home, but making it feel modern, cozy and fresh. I love their use of color, especially on the walls. They have that ‘it’ factor that is so captivating.

As always, thanks to Design Sponge for sharing and Neal Santos and Andrew Olsen for inviting the internet into their personal space. It was such a delight.

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My go-to perfume: Chanel Chance, eau fraiche

December 14, 2016


I’m not sure what all to say about this perfume except that I absolutely love it and I feel like I need to share it with you all so that you have it in your life as well. I spritz it on every single day before I leave the house and I often receive compliments on it. It’s a lovely, light fragrance. I bought myself a bottle for my birthday last year and I actually just had to reorder today because my bottle is now bone dry.

Next time you venture into Sephora, be sure to give it and try and let me know what you think.

Do you have a scent you always wear? If so, do share!

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Comfort Zone

December 9, 2016


I recently tried to do the ombre trend with my hair, which I typically keep highlighted blonde. It was a process. Initially, we had to actually dye my roots brown and darken my whole head. For subsequent appointments, my roots would continue to grow out and we would pepper in more blonde closer to my ends.

It was definitely easier to take care of, but I never loved it. For one thing, I realized that I actually do have lots of grey hairs, which is something I wouldn’t have known if my hair had stayed blonde. That was a weird feeling. I keep telling myself that I want to age with grace and thankfulness, but when I saw all these grey hairs on my head, it was a bit sobering to confirm that, yep, I am definitely aging faster than I’d like to be aging. I also didn’t like the fact that I would pay a bunch of money, sit in a styling chair for hours and still  walk out of the salon with roots. That didn’t feel right. I guess I’m old school like that.

Last Friday, I decided to take steps back to full blonde. Goodbye ombre. My stylist gave me babylights and, I think I breathed out a sigh of relief when my hair looked normal to me again. I’ve felt like a million bucks this week at work with my new/old hair back. People have even noticed and commented that they like my hair lighter.

Some trends are fun to play with, to shrug into for a bit and try on for size. But, it doesn’t necessarily make you boring if you want to return to the familiar. At least that’s what I’m learning.

Image via Pinterest. Not my actual hair :)

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December 8, 2016


I’m feeling a bit – old – these days. You see, I only learned about Nike Huaruche’s through Keith’s son’s Christmas list. He asked for them in black on black. As I shopped around online for the best deal for him, I kept wanting to nab a pair for myself. They’re just so cute! They look incredibly comfortable and I just love their old school vibe.

I keep debating whether or not he will be mortified if he shows up for Christmas and I have a pair on myself. I’m pretty sure he would be and, for some reason, that makes me feel old. Not quite old enough that I won’t follow-through and buy myself a pair, but I’ve decided to wait until the new year to pull the trigger so that he has his moment to shine with his new shoes.


Of course, I’m also smitten with the Fenty – Puma X Rihanna Creepers with the suede top and tan sole. I can’t link to them because they are still out of stock, but I do love them and will buy myself a pair as soon as I find them. They also feel retro, reminding me of the platform sneakers I wore when I was in eighth grade or so, but so much cooler. Side note: why is everything Rihanna does pure gold? How can that much cool be wrapped up in one person?

Lastly, I will always love my shell-toe Adidas. I need a new pair of these bad boys as the pair I currently have is totally worn out and greasy.

I’m happy the fashion world is finally embracing the sneaker for the ladies. Even though I love a good heel, it boggles my mind that we have so willingly accepted a beauty standard that basically handicaps us. It is the best feeling of the world to kick around in sneakers that are so comfortable. I hope this trend never goes out of style.


Asos kills it lately

December 1, 2016


I just have to say that I recently found my favorite dress on Asos. I love the photo above, but you really need to click through to the site to see it in all its glory. It’s just a simple black button-up dress, but it works for so many reasons. The drapey pockets add a fun element of personality, the neckline is comfortable, easy and has a bit of edge, it’s loose, so there’s no worry of gapes between buttons. Basically, it’s professional enough to wear to work, but comfortable enough that it doesn’t feel like work clothes.

I’m a major fan, and at just $49, it feels too good not to share.