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Wine you have to try: Starborough Sauvignon Blanc

September 4, 2014

starborough sauvignon blancI work for a winery, but a wine snob I am not. I may not have the most sophisticated palate, but I like to seek out wines that are approachable and delicious because I am expected to bring the wine to any family/friend/random get-together I attend. Let me just say that this Starborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is fantastic. It’s mouth-wateringly acidic, but not bracingly so. It has all the grassy notes that New Zealand Sauv Blancs are known for and it is AFFORDABLE. This wine is delicious and is my go-to for summertime events. It’s refreshing and easy to drink. A winner all around.

Full disclosure: my company owns this brand, but I am writing this post of my own volition because I just want to share the things I love with you all. I also plan to feature wine brands that are not owned by my company!