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The most amazing chocolate tart ever

October 27, 2014

chocolate tartSometimes I fixate on cooking or baking something outside of my typical comfort zone which, believe me, is incredibly comfortable. In this case, I decided I wanted to make a chocolate torte. In fact, I bought a set of fluted pans for the express purpose. After much fraught googling, I realized that I actually wanted to make a tart and that a tart and a torte are two completely different things. See what I mean about leaving my comfort zone?

At any rate, I spent two days working on this culinary masterpiece of decadence – the most delicious chocolate-glazed tart you will ever taste. Seriously. I know sometimes I am prone to hyperbole around here, but this tart is the most amazing thing I have ever baked. Upon my first bite, I had the deep sigh/squee I usually reserve for the most delicious restaurants. It’s just so damn delicious.

The best part? It is so simple to make. It involves several steps, but they are seriously as easy as pie tart. It was so good that I took my first bite and promptly called my sister to see if she was home and available to accept free food. Something this delicious is just too good to keep to yourself, you know?

Please let me know if you try it. I will be jealous, but I promise I will still be excited for you.

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